with Tara Lakshmi

About Tara Lakshmi Kale

Tara Lakshmi KaleTara is an Advanced Certified Christa Healer who practices a powerful form of spiritual energy healing known as Christa Healing that was developed by her teacher Adriene Wentworth. This method of healing enhances all levels of one’s being and life. 

Tara Lakshmi Kale was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where she lived for the first nine years of her life. From there she moved, with her family, to British Columbia, Canada where she resided until 1977. At that time she married a professional hockey player and, over a four-year period, began a series of moves related to his employment. Most of their time was spent in the United States of America. 

Even as a young child, Tara was an avid seeker of “Truth,” searching to understand the deeper meaning of life and how to bring more harmony, love and balance into our daily existence. These pursuits have continued throughout her life. 

In May of 1981 Tara and her husband were in a head-on collision that took his physical life and propelled her deeply onto the spiritual path. While in the emergency room she had a “near death” experience of being bathed in white light. Awesome feelings of ecstasy and joy filled her being as, in an instant, all knowledge and truth was revealed to her. This experience awakened within her deep memories of our divine nature and unity with the Almighty. That profound experience propelled Tara to focus and study in-depth the attributes and qualities that propel one forward on the spiritual path. The incredible light, beauty and ecstasy of this experience has continued to fuel her quest to once again achieve this state of enlightenment, yet this time while still in a physical body. 

During her late husband’s transition from the physical, he appeared many times to Tara. Although, at first, these visitations were frightening and disorienting, they began to awaken her memories of the other levels of existence and her quest for understanding was ignited further. 

Tara received physical injuries that were beyond the capabilities of traditional medicine and rather than believe their prognosis of “continual pain” she sought out alternative methods of healing. Her success in healing these physical ailments contributed to leading her to her current healing vocation. 

Tara now has over 31 years of extensive knowledge and experience of the stages of grief and recovery, as well as a solid understanding of the transition process that takes place after the death of the physical body. 

In 1990 Tara was attuned to the MaryEl system of healing, founded by Ethel Lombardi. Channeling these energies causes changes to occur at a cellular level. 

Tara studied in-depth, one-on-one for over seven years with Adriene Wentworth, who in 1993 brought through a new and powerful form of Cosmic Christ Energy called the Christa Energy. Tara was among the first group of spiritual aspirants who received initiation and empowerment to carry and work with this beautiful Cosmic Christ Energy. She was the first person Adriene empowered to attune others to the Christa Energy, and has been offering this service to others for over ten years. The Christa Energy assists us to become self-empowered, protected and capable of manifesting our dreams. 

Tara traveled to Bangalore, India and had the honor of spending three weeks in the home of the Himalayan Spiritual Master, Sant Guru Sant Keshevedas. It was from this Master that she received her spiritual names of “Tara Lakshmi.” In the Eastern traditions, the feminine energy of “Tara” is the Mother of Compassion who protects against all dangers and removes all obstacles. Tara helps everyone in need. “Lakshmi” means “pure consciousness of God.” The energies of Lakshmi are honored as the great Mother of the Universe who provides prosperity and the good life. 

Upon traveling to northern India, Tara received the great blessing of meeting with another Himalayan Master, Swami Rama, founder of the Himalayan Institute. At the close of their meeting, he blessed Tara with Shaktipat to her crown chakra, elevating and expanding her consciousness. 

In 1998 Tara was among the first group of initiates to receive attunement to the AnaMata Energy, which is Cosmic Feminine Energy in its purest form. AnaMata Energy, the “Mother” of all feminine energies, embodies the energies of Sophia and Quan Yin. 

In 2000, while on a spiritual retreat in Sedona, Arizona Tara met “the man of her dreams”, her soul-mate David. They met at the top of Cathedral mountain and each instantly recognized a deep bond with the other. In 2004 Tara and David married and they now happily reside in their country home, “Heaven’s Grace” in northern Arizona. 

In 2004 Tara was attuned to the Lotus Blossom Energy System by Patrick Notz. Lotus Blossom provides grace, compassion, peace, and support from Kuan Yin and the Taoist Master Jade Emperor. In 2004 Tara also completed an intense one year study and practice of “A Course in Miracles” and continues to work and expand with these elevating truth principles. 

Tara has a deep love and appreciation of nature and a strong connection to Mother Earth. She believes that the beauty of nature inspires the soul and assists one’s efforts to transform the ego. She loves to hike, bike, canoe and swim. Tara also has a great love for children, animals, plants, and all of life! She is an avid reader who is continually striving to increase her knowledge and elevate her understanding. Tara writes articles with spiritual themes, and has recently responded to the prompts from her spirit guides and has begun writing a book. 

Tara assists people of all faiths and nationalities worldwide. Her extensive training and experience, along with her loving, nonjudgmental manner achieve remarkable results. Tara believes that we, the children of the Creator, are here on Earth at this time to assist the Godhead and humanity in shifting the paradigm on Earth from pain, suffering, abuse and victimization ~ to love, empowerment, flow and abundance for all. Her role is to help empower and elevate all spiritual seekers to realize, connect and manifest more of their own divine nature, and to align with their personal power and soul’s mission. Tara is devoted to helping others achieve health, fulfilling relationships, confidence and success in all areas of their lives.