with Tara Lakshmi

Christa Healing Sessions

with Tara Lakshmi Kale

1website-christahealing-glowinghandslrgChrista Healing is a unique, powerful and effective method of releasing blockages in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies.  These blocks hold us back from achieving success, happiness, love, health and abundant flow in all areas of our life.

As we are freed of the energy of abuse, powerlessness, fear, trauma, unworthiness, and so on, the mind and the emotional understanding can rise to a new level. As the body becomes more and more refined, it becomes purer and clearer and is in greater alignment with your spirit.  When we are strongly connected to our “true selves” and flowing with our life’s purpose, we are radiant, joyous and prosperous.

Tara has over 27 years experience with the practical applications of Christa Healing.  This profound healing method identifies the patterns that are causing imbalance and effectively releases them at the core level.  Once the lower frequencies are removed, the natural state of health, self-confidence and inner harmony returns.  Lower emotions such as fear, doubt and anger block or break our circuits, constricting the flow of our energy; love enhances our energy circuits and amplifies them, leading us to heightened states and elevated experiences.  

Christa Healing effectively removes the subconscious and hidden influences that negatively affect you and inhibit your ability to powerfully move forward in your spiritual development and healing process.  As you become more aligned with your True Nature, which is Love, you will also re-connect to more of your multidimensional selves and realize greater and greater levels of enlightenment and personal power

During a Healing session you may release:

  • Energetic Cordings – These cordings are similar to long tubes that connect your energy field to the other person’s energy field.  Through these cordings the other person’s energy, thoughts, desires, beliefs, limitations, distortions etc. can enter into you.  Often, you are not even aware that the thoughts or impulses you are feeling are not your own.  Conversely, through these cordings your energy and thoughts and desires enter this person.  

    Cutting these energetic cordings and removing the root system that held them within you allows both parties to be free of adverse influences from each other.  All cordings are created as an attempt to “hold” onto others out of fear and confusion.  True loving relationships are enhanced when these old ties are released, and of course this also greatly assists getting over old relationships to make room for new healthier relationships in our lives.

  • Other People’s Energies – and even aspects of other people can be held within our energy system.  Sometimes we will take on a difficult aspect from a loved one in an attempt to assist them to move forward.  Other times a vulnerability within our make up or belief system makes us think it is our job to “care take” others at our own expense.  During a Christa Healing we release all these energies and send them back to their rightful place.
  • Denied Parts of Self that sabotage our growth efforts – We call these “ self aspects.”  They are parts of us that have had an experience so many times that they have formed a set pattern of beliefs and ways of being.  These aspects are very difficult to break down within our being because they are convinced that they are “right” and stubbornly hold onto old ways.  Because like attracts like, with this vibration within, we do continue to draw these old experiences to us, perpetuating the cycle and this aspect’s belief system.  These self -aspects can be gently removed from your energy field and your guides will escort it back to your High Self for transformation and healing.  This frees you to finally move past the old influences and move forward to health and well-being!
  • Limited genetic codes programming – Our genetics are shifting as we grow and evolve.  As we break free of the old patterns we create a new way for our families and loved ones.  Programming in the genes can be released and higher levels of truth can be transmitted to assist this process.
  • E.T. Abduction and Interference – There are higher-level E.T.’s and lower level E.T.’s.  The higher beings will never interfere with your free will choices.  If you are being bothered by beings that do not respect you and your wishes, their old ties and influences on you can be released.  When these old vulnerabilities are removed, you regain your personal power and you are free of their abuse.
  • Implants and devices – There are many levels of impressions of old apparatus within our energy bodies that keep our energy circuits from flowing freely and correctly.  Eventually as we progress in our spiritual process we will push these old influences to the surface of our energy field.  Once these devices have been released, our consciousness expands and we can reach higher and higher levels of God Energy, connecting with our personal power and unity with the Source.
  • Distorted Energies and dark force influences – We all have old ties to distorted energies and beings from past learning experiences.  Removing these energies and releasing all old ties is a huge relief to our system and allows us to elevate and shift to higher states.  There are no judgments made, for we learned important lessons and need only now release the vulnerability that these energies present.  Tara is skilled at detecting and removing interferences that do not allow you to access your God-given abilities and power.
  • Curses, Spells and Misuse of Power – If you have come across someone who is using spiritual powers or knowledge to try to control or harm others, their energy and influences can be effectively released and removed.  Past-life vulnerabilities and impressions of victimization will also be released.  Often we have also had lives of abusing power and these old impressions also create vulnerabilities within us that do not allow us to feel confident to activate our personal power.  Tara watches for all these types of influences and vulnerabilities and will effectively clear them as they surface.
  • Entities – This term is used for lower frequency astral beings that are not very evolved and feed off of lower nature desires and energies.  For example, if people have had chemical dependency problems, these lower beings will attach to their energy field and “feed” off of them whenever they are under the influence.  When one is ready to claim back their personal power and be freed from the addiction, it is greatly assisting to remove these beings that have a vested interest in holding you in these old patterns of self-abuse.  All entities can be easily and effectively “exorcised” from your energy field.
  • Impressions from Traumatic Past and Present Life Experiences – Trauma and emotional distress are lower frequencies that tend to draw more of the same to us, holding us in these patterns.  Even if we have mentally and emotionally moved past these experiences, the energy of the impressions of these experiences needs to be released so that we can confidently draw in happier and healthier situations.
  • Imprints from Unhealthy Behavior Patterns – some behaviors are so ingrained within us that there are actual imprints that our energy follows.  No matter how much we “think” our way past these adverse ways of acting and being, our mental energy continues to flow into these old imprints and we end up back in the same behavior.
  • Limiting Belief Systems – If we have held a particular belief of limitation for a long period, it also forms an energetic pattern, like a grid-work in the mental body that does not allow us to flow with positive change.  These limiting belief systems can be separated out of the energy body and released from your energy field.

Christa Healing will allow you to move past many adverse situations such as:

  • Acute and chronic illnesses
  • Depression, fear and phobias
  • Insomnia and sleeping problems
  • Poverty and limitation consciousness
  • Dysfunctional and unfulfilling relationships
  • Sexual, emotional, mental or physical abuse
  • Adverse behavior patterns and addictions
  • Unwanted attachments and limitations
  • Negative or evil influences and tendencies
  • Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks

Christa Healing is highly effective and clears away what feels like a ton of dense energy and old charge in just one session!  Tara will explain clearly everything that is released and what caused it to form in the first place.  This knowledge empowers you to feel better about yourself and your life and activates your innate ability to create wholeness, wellness and balance in your body, mind and spirit.   

This healing experience will also assist you to awaken dormant spiritual gifts and abilities and to get in touch, at a deeper level, with your soul’s mission.  When we are doing what we came to earth to do this lifetime we are filled with joy, fulfillment, contentment and empowerment.  This is Tara’s goal, for everyone to solidly walk their path in truth, confidence, beauty, love and prosperity.  If she can assist you on your journey, she considers this an honor and a privilege.  For, God’s healing love works through her and she is but the willing and grateful instrument. 

A Christa Healing session is one hour in length.  For a private session, please contact Tara at 928-273-6166 or Tara@spiritualenergyhealing.com.

The fee is $85.00. If you are unable to be physically present for a healing session, Tara can send a distant healing. Your session is recorded on a wavefile and emailed to you the same day.  

Payment by check or money order can be sent to:   

Tara L. Kale
P.O. Box 26278
Prescott Valley, AZ  86312