with Tara Lakshmi

Empowered Mantras

For Self-transformation and Empowerment!

empowered mantrasReciting mantras will clear lower vibrations from your system and elevate your energy.  When these high vibrational sounds of God are brought into your energy field, you will elevate!   Sound is vibration & mantra is a precise combination of sacred sounds that form a nucleus of spiritual energy that attracts high spiritual vibrations to you, leading to spiritual awakening, empowerment and assistance.  

Mantra leads your spirit back to pure God Essence.  It’s like a code that will take you to that experience.  The power of a mantra is a very personal aspect of God, so all these mantras connect you with different aspects of God’s Energy and wisdom that comes from the highest Source.  Mantras also hold the energy of all the great Beings of Light who have experienced the super consciousness states that the vibrations of the mantras represent.  When you chant them, you draw on all their energies and power.  

In order to reach these energies and have access to them, the sound has to be energized  to be powerful.  You need someone who has access to that path has to bring it to you and “act as a touch-stone” to ignite and connect you with that vibration.  Without empowerment, it’s like planting a photocopy of a seed, nothing much will happen.   

So, you need to become connected to the pathway in order for the mantra to work.  During this one hour session Tara will connect you to 16 empowered mantras.  Tara has worked closely with these Energies for over 28 years, so she will act as a touch-stone and ignite your vibration to them.  It is similar to giving a battery a jump start; you already have the “equipment” it just needs a “jump” to get it going!

Many of you who are drawn to these mantras are attracted because you have mantra knowledge from other lifetimes, so once you begin to work with these high vibrational sounds your past connection to them gets activated quite quickly.  This allows for quicker progress because you just need to reopen the pathways.  If you have never worked with mantra you will still make steady progress as you regularly chant these sounds.

The more you work with mantras, they more powerful they become for you.  You empower them yourself by regularly working with them with intent & belief.  As you start opening to these mantras you create a pathway to these very high vibrations and then these vibrations will begin to infiltrate your being and respond to you when you call on them.  

Many repetitions are recommended with mantra practice because it allows the pathways to open within you that will let these vibrations in. The more you recite them, the more you connect with these energies and build your power and then have them available to you.  During your Mantra session  Tara will recite each mantra for you 12 times.   

You will find that these Mantras will remove mental agitation and restore emotional balance very quickly.  When you are feeling out of sorts in any way, if you take the time to repeat mantras they will elevate your mood and raise your vibration.  You will lift yourself out of the loneliness, sadness, anger, despair, fear or whatever you are experiencing.  You can recite these mantras anytime, while walking, doing dishes, driving or meditating.  

These energies can be appropriated and directed for your benefit or for the benefit of others.  If a friend or loved one is experiencing illness or trauma you can recite a mantra and place that vibration into the person, if they are receptive and physically available; or you can “send” that energy to them from a distance.  Of course, you can send these energies to countries or nations that are experiencing disharmony as well.

During these troubled times, it is very essential to know how to keep ourselves, our children and loved ones protected and clear of negativity.  Mantras cleanse our energy bodies and external environment of negative energies and establish strong fields of protection.  They remove fear, stress, and disharmony and restore emotional balance, elevate our mood and help us stay positive and centered.  If someone is angry, you can silently recite the “peace” mantra to protect yourself from taking in any of their negativity.

As you begin to recite these mantras you will find that certain ones will “attract” you more than others.  This will change with time.  Spend more time with the mantra that you feel most drawn to, for that indicates that its vibration is one you particularly will benefit from at that time.

You will also notice that a mantra may just come to your mind, out of the blue, so to speak, maybe at work, while driving or whatever.  Whenever a mantra comes into your consciousness it is there to assist you with whatever is going on for you at that time.  So just repeat it a few times to reinforce that energy in your field and surroundings.

An Example of the benefits of having access to these Energies

“Many years ago while hiking with a friend I noticed that I was experiencing an uncharacteristic and dramatic fear of falling!  It felt that I was clearing a past-life experience, but because the old fears were “up” in my energy field, it hampered my hiking!  At one point there was a sheet of ice on the trail, with a drop off to the right of the path and a hill to the left.  I would have liked to turn around, but my friend wanted to continue.  As she carefully made her way across the slippery ice, the mantra for “Overcoming Obstacles” came into my mind.  So I started to silently chant it while I watched her carefully and slowly walk across.  I felt like I would prefer to crawl across the ice, I was that afraid!! But I just kept quietly chanting the Mantra.  After my friend reached the other side [ it wasn’t far], it was my turn.  As I lifted one foot to proceed I felt a slight “jolt” of energy enter my body and suddenly, to my dismay and amazement,  I started to run and I leapt over the ice!  My friend was very surprised and I was in shocked elation!  It was definitely a powerful demonstration to me of the incredible benefits of calling in higher energy!!”

During this Mantra Session Tara will connect you with
16 empowered mantras to:

~  Elevate your emotions

~  Protect    

~  Overcome obstacles

~  Open to God’s Love and Higher Wisdom

~  Receive Prosperity and Spiritual Blessings

~  Release Anger and Create Peace

~  Release impurities

~  Lift off Negative Energies

~  Open the Chakras

~  Expand Your Energy

~  Ground Your Energy

~  Create Strength in your System

~  Activate Your Kundalini

~  Break through Illusion Energy


Printout Included!

The fee is $85.00.  Your Empowered Mantra session will be recorded on a wavefile and emailed to you the same day.

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