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Faith and Trust

By on July 18, 2014 in Spiritual Healing

A Tall Order

faith and trustThose of us who are living our lives with focus on our spiritual path like to believe that we are full of faith and trust in the Supreme Source. Our lives are focused on growing and expanding, elevating our consciousness and reaching higher levels of peace and harmony within

Faith is the fountainhead, the corner stone of belief and trust in God. Jesus told us that if we had but , “the faith of a mustard seed, we could move mountains.”Even though we have all heard this message of Jesus, how many of us have truly pondered his message here? I think he has been telling us to look deeply within at the source of our faith, is it truly coming from trust in the Almighty? 

How many of us tend to be worriers? Worrying about our jobs, finances, and health? In many ways our trust is more “in the system” than in the Lord. We feel secure if we have a well-paying job with good benefits. We feel safe if we have a good financial portfolio, a large savings account, and a low deductible health insurance plan. I think you understand what I am alluding to here. 

Faith is a deeper, more pervasive knowing that we hold deep at the core of our being, that we are strong, capable, and in control of each stage and age of our lives. This doesn’t mean that we have it all right now, but that we know that whatever we need we can create or draw into our lives, at the perfect time and in the perfect way. 

Along the path of faith many tests present themselves to us. These challenges and stressful times are not being sent to us by God, to test our “faith”, but rather are being drawn to us by our desire to truly live a life of faith. For, in order to accomplish that feat, we must first sift out and transform any blocked or hidden areas of confusion or mistrust that we hold deep within. 

For so long the systems of the earth have not been in alignment with God’s unlimited and abundant flow, yet we have had to find ways to survive down here. So it is no wonder that we have layered within our energy fields, so many levels of old charge, old discouragement, times when we felt our faith let us down, didn’t cover the bills, and so on. 

As the earth shifts and transformations continue, more and more of these “old” systems will be breaking down. So, even if we do amass financial wealth that may not sustain us when money no longer holds value. The only thing that can truly sustain us and keep us in the flow is our faith, trust and connection to the Source. Listen to your intuition and pay attention to the prompts you receive from spirit. It may be that you are being guided to change careers at this time. Perhaps you even have grown to hate the job you go to each day, yet there may be a great retirement benefit if you can just persevere and “hang in there” for a few more years. So the inner prompt from spirit, is met with the outer resistance from the rational mind. This creates struggle and strain within and without. 

My motto has become: Live each day as if it were possibly your last. This is the closest I have been able to come, at this time, to truly living and being present in the moment. We are told that the moment is the point of power where all things are possible. If all our energy was concentrated in the moment, we would be powerful and dynamic and able to “move those mountains!” I find that if I focus on enjoying and empowering each day with what, at that moment, feels the most right for me, then the joy and uplifting feelings that are produced spill over to the next day and open new doors, new opportunities, and new avenues of creative expression. 

When we stop wasting our energy on regrets from the past, which is over and cannot be changed, this also frees up a lot of energy to flow joyously in the moment. It is rewarding and awe inspiring to watch how events will unfold and work together for your good and the good of all around you, when you let go and let God …… in other words when you trust! 

Our world is so programmed, like drones, to function and live within limited parameters. We are so programmed to trust the very systems that we are here to help break down, because we know they do not work! Yet, at some level we still feel “more responsible” or better if we follow the very dictates that we have come to transform. Let us remember to trust in the power of change and transformation! 

Faith and trust are areas we all need to explore within, but explore with a spirit of love and not judgment. It takes courage to look within and be willing to face the flaws or misunderstandings that are deeply hidden there. Then, gently, as you find each old tie to these systems, break the “belief” that they are what keeps you safe and secure. Let go of “money” as the source of abundance, let go of “insurance” as the safe guard for health, let go of possessions as the proof our your value. All these areas will open and expand your being to a deeper and greater level of connection with the truth of your Source of supply, who is always available and there to lead you to everything you need and desire. This is the greatest empowerment and freedom! Use that faith to “move those mountains” and whatever else is in the way of your true path! 

May this New Year be a year of increasing faith and trust in the Source of all Supply. Despite what changes or upheavals come into the earth reality, may we all hold firmly to the unchanging reality of flow that God provides. Our lives may change, circumstances may shift, old patterns may be blocked, but with our connection to the Source strong and open, opportunities will continue to be presented to us, creative ways to continue on in the flow. These opportunities will probably challenge us to stretch and release old fears, inhibitions, or personality quirks that try to hold us stuck, but with faith, with trust, with Hope and perseverance…… victory is assured us, for that IS God’s Way. And, as Jesus reminded us, it doesn’t take a whole lot of faith, we don’t have to transform in massive ways, we just need to find the mustard seed kernel of faith within and grab on and hold it tight with all our might! 



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