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What is Christa Healing and how will it benefit me?

Christa Healing positively impacts all areas of our being. It is primarily a method of healing using spiritual energies. Quantum physics has demonstrated that everything consists of energy. Each individual is made up of unique densities and patterns of energy, reflecting the experiences they have accumulated over the course of their existence. We picked up patterns of energy from our parents and often we act out their patterns, problems, and the way they deal with life.

Other people’s energies also influence us. One of the first objectives in the healing process is to release the negative influences that we carry, mostly unknowingly, in our energy bodies. We have energy bodies as well as a physical body, which greatly affect our health and well-being. Our energy systems consist of a spiritual body, a mental body, an emotional body and a vital force body.

We also hold traumas in our energy bodies that we have experienced in this life as well as in past lives. These traumas cause blockages in our energy flow that greatly contribute to illness and emotional and mental imbalances. Christa Healing is a profound healing method that uncovers the cause of why you are experiencing an illness, disease, emotional distress, or imbalance in your system. Your pain can be manifesting in your physical body, or your emotional or mental or spiritual realms of existence, or a combination of all four levels.

During a Christa Healing session I look deeply into your energy system to see where your energy is blocked, and then I interpret the energy that is there. This helps you understand what caused the blockage. Then I will use focused spiritual energy, sound, breath, and a crystal laser wand to release these denser energies from your energy field. The physical body, when given the opportunity, has wisdom and knows how to maintain a state of balance and harmony. When the blocked energy is released, the physical body will naturally shift back to a healthy state.

Mental processing and talk about past patterns, relationships or problems may allow our minds to understand, but this will not change anything at the energetic level. We live in a universe of “like attracts like.” Unless the energy of the issues or traumas is removed from your energy fields, you will continue to draw similar experiences into your life because your body still resonates to the same vibrations of dysfunction, so that is what will continue to manifest. This is why, even though you may have “mentally” worked through something, you continue to draw similar situations into your life. To return the energy bodies to a state of wellness, the energy of the trauma and the negative influences must be released.

We have many energy channels within us. These are the pathways our energy travels on throughout our bodies. The first thing I do in a healing session is to focus spiritual energy into your energy channels to help you release your blockages. Spiritual energy is made up of pure God vibrations and is channeled through me to help you with your healing process. I connect with your High Self and I am guided throughout the healing session by this part of you. This healing method utilizes spiritual energy as the main tool to help release blockages and shift you to a state of health, empowerment and well-being.

This form of healing is not based on religion. People from all walks of life and of many different religious beliefs come to me and receive positive benefits and help with their problems. My intent is to help you relieve any distress you are feeling and to assist you to align with your personal power to create peace, happiness, prosperity and flow in all areas of your life. I deeply respect and work within the framework of your personal belief systems.


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What happens in a Christa Healing session?

When you first come for a Christa Healing session, I ask you what you are experiencing at this time in your life. I will also request background information about your childhood and all of the important relationships you have had in your life. Because we chose our parents and they often hold a lot of the patterns we also carry, it is important to share a little about the dynamics of your relationship with your mother and father. I will ask for a brief description; a few adjectives is often sufficient. For example – Mother – cold, distant, constant worrier, victim.

You will be given the opportunity to describe any trauma you have experienced and to have your questions answered. Then you will lay down on your back on a table, fully clothed, and start the Christa Healing session.

I begin the healing session by reciting a few mantras to connect with high level God Energies and the spiritual beings that assist with this work. Then I say a prayer which states our intent to be pure channels for love and that only that which is for the highest good of all concerned will be done.

Mantras are high vibrational sounds of God and they are used throughout the Christa Healing session. These healing mantras help me connect to very high vibrational God Energy. I begin to bring spiritual energy into you, channeling it down from your High Self. This will make you feel relaxed and peaceful. You can keep your eyes open or closed during the healing session, but you will be fully conscious at all times so you can talk about what is happening. I explain everything that is occurring and welcome your feedback as to what you are experiencing, if you choose to give it.

I will gently sound over your body many times during the session, not loud or shrill sounds, just a soft and consistent vibration to help break up and release the blocked energy. Just as Ella Fitzgerald can break a glass with her voice, sound is a wonderful tool for a healer to use to help the body release.

As you begin to release blocked energy, I identify what the nature of that energy is to help you understand what your body was holding and why the blockage existed. With this understanding you completely release the old and then you can move forward without recreating a similar block. I read energy in a manner similar to blind people reading Braille. I place my hand above your physical body as the energy is releasing and then I read the impressions in that energy. After we discuss what is releasing, I will further assist the release process by drawing the energy out of your body with the assistance of a laser crystal, sound, breath and the spiritual energies I channel through my hands. I will recite a healing mantra while doing this to help me stay connected to the high vibrational energies I work with.

An amazing amount of lower energies are uncovered and released in just one session. Because I stay attuned to your High Self, the part of you that is closest to God and knows what is best for you, you are totally in control of what is released and of how much is released. I assist you with what you are ready to deal with and I take great care to stay within those boundaries. When the release work is completed for the session [approximately one hour] I bring in more spiritual energy to help you balance and shift to a healthier state of being.


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How will I feel after a healing session?

After a Christa Healing session you will feel lighter and more energetic. It is important to drink a lot of water to help flush out toxins that will release because of the spiritual energy working in your physical body. Some people feel somewhat tired at first, like a relief and letting down effect. This often happens when there is a traumatic emotional charge of energy released during the session. Other people feel elated and free. Or, at first, you may even feel slightly empty and a little out of sorts as you adjust to your new, elevated state .

It will take you a few days to assimilate your healing experience and adjust to your new unencumbered energy flow. The differences in how you feel may be subtle or very dramatic, depending on how quickly your consciousness processes and accepts the positive changes that occurred during the Healing session.

Christa Healings are approximately one hour in length and are offered in person or from a distance. Contact Tara Lakshmi for more information or to schedule a healing session.

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