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God’s Will

By on July 18, 2014 in Spiritual Healing

god's willSomehow the idea of “God’s Will” triggers a feeling of unease and trepidation, and even guilt within our being. Deep within we have a misunderstanding or block that separates us from the Will of God. It seems to feel that God’s Will is something separate from our own free will; that God’s Will for us will mean we must sacrifice, lose, give up or deny something we desire. At this level, like defiant children who have rebelled we hold ourselves separate and apart from God’s Will, preferring instead to “do things our way.” 

Where did all this misunderstanding, this misalignment, come from? Some of it comes from the illusive ego and dome comes from the distortions of miscommunication we hold at the subconscious level. Ancient misunderstandings about God are also a factor here. Those old beliefs that God is a punishing, vindictive, angry, vengeful being who sends suffering, illness and even death to us as payment for our “sins.” 

Even the idea that we can sin is a distortion that separates us from the Love and Flow of God’s Grace. We really believe that all the un-reality we have created is real and that we have displeased God. We really don’t recognize that “sin” is nothing but “mistakes” or “learning experiences” and that if we just stop holding onto the guilt and shame, the whole “illusion of distortion” that we think we have created would disappear. 

Belief in the illusion comes from the ego perception which thinks it is a separate being, walled off and separate from God. Of course, that this belief is a misunderstanding is obvious because the ego itself exists and functions and is sustained by God’s Light. Everything is sustained by God’s loving light. In fact, we have never really separated ourselves from the Source, we have only succeeded in narrowing our vision to a small and limited part of ourselves; which is called the ego! The ego has a strong investment in holding onto its narrow vision, for without it the ego would fade and we would expand and recognize our Divinity and Unity with God. This doesn’t mean that we would lose our identity. It means that we would expand our identity! 

So, in truth the Will of God is our Will. God’s Will for us is to experience love, joy, harmony, health, abundance, creativity, adventure, brotherhood, happiness, peace, fulfillment, expansion, bliss … everything that our heart’s desire. When we are happy and our lives are healthy, prosperous and joyous, we are in alignment with God’s Will and God is happy along with us! Our happiness makes God happy. Ponder this for a moment, it is a powerful and wonderful truth. God loves it when we are happy! Our misery, pain and struggle does not feel any better to God than it does to us! 

Fear and separation from the Will of God are the key causes of our suffering, loss, illness, unhappiness, poverty and pain. By defiantly holding our energies separate from God’s Will, we bring about exactly what we are trying to avoid. We have it all backward! And, of course, the distorted dark force frequencies add a lot of energy to this confusion to hold it in place. That’s just what they do, for once we recognize and release this, our vibration becomes so powerful, they cannot come near us. 

God Energy is expansive; fear contracts. God’s love empowers and unites and uplifts. Separation diminishes and constricts and limits. Wherever our will is out of alignment with the Divine Will, we suffer. It is time to embrace God’s Will and let go of the old fears and misunderstandings! Take responsibility! 

Responsibility; here’s another concept that doesn’t sit well within us. Again it feels like we must deny our desires and ourselves if we are to be “responsible.” But, just as with God’s Will and our will being One, true responsibility is equally elevating and freeing. True responsibility means being true to your Divine Nature. It means claiming your Divine Inheritance. It means allowing abundance, health, joy, prosperity and fulfillment to flow to you and through you, enhancing everything in your life and surroundings. 

So, let’s all be responsible today and align our will with the Will of God and thus establish our true connection with all that is good, true, holy and uplifting



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