with Tara Lakshmi

New Protection For Light Workers

The Galactic Forces, Archangel Michael and the Ancient Earth Guardians will work together to hold protection in your outer fields!

new protection for light workersExtreme courage is needed for this next leg of the journey.  And that means you need extra protection to show your Light, to stand in your truth and to allow the activations that are now needed.

The light is intensifying, but so is the dark, and as those stronger negative frequencies hit you there is a natural tendency to turn away and go within to protect yourself. Every time you do that your outer energy fields become vulnerable because you’re pulling your energy inward, rather than keeping your energy strongly moving outward.  You do this unconsciously it’s an automatic response to move away from the dark force attacks that are constant throughout your day and night, but this keeps you from successfully and powerfully moving forward.  This is what the dark forces are focused on with light workers at this time, to attack you so strongly that you pull your energy in rather than holding out your light powerfully.

This has been a problem for all of us. Spirit has heard our cries for help and this new shielding  protection for your outer fields is the solution.   

As you receive this new protection you will be assigned a Warrior Angel from Archangel Michael’s regime and an Ancient Earth Guardian. The Galactic Forces will build an energetic shielding in your outer fields that will connect to your assigned Warrior Angel and Ancient Earth Guardian. The

Guardian in the Earth will hold one end of the protective shielding and the Warrior Angel will hold the other end of this shielding.  

This will enhance all of the shifting and transforming that you are doing. This new shielding protection will also help you stay connected to all higher energies and will give you extra help to ground all high vibrational energies. The activations that come through you will be more protected, and these Guardians will make sure that the activations reach the levels that they need to within you.  

 The only requirement to receive this new protection is to have your Level One Christa Energy Protection built.  

 Fee:  $75

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