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So This Is Healing?

By on July 18, 2014 in Spiritual Healing

so this is healing?There is a different path, for those awakened spiritual beings, than the journey for the masses. This is true in all aspects of life, from the profound to the mundane. But this is especially true when one is looking at matters of physical, mental and emotional health.

It is an interesting irony, that when one really begins to clear and cleanse the energy bodies of old negativity and old trauma, this will lead, at some point, to a physical release which will mimic “illness” in that it will cause pain and discomfort! This can be termed, “a healing crisis.” Do not be fooled into believing that you have “caught” something, when you know darn well that you do not have to catch anything. There are always various types of viruses, bacteria, and illness energies around us. Those of us who live empowered lives know that we can be shielded from these lower vibrations by maintaining a higher, elevated frequency. Even if we are directly “exposed” we do not have to take in that disease energy or be affected by it. 

Yet, why are we still finding that “illness” is surfacing in our life from time to time? This is because when we clear out the dysfunction at the mental, emotional and etheric level, then the physical body can finally shift and release the lower vibrational charge that it has been storing in the related organs. This is not illness, it is PHYSICAL CLEANSING!! Once we understand this we do not attempt to block the body’s release, rather we support and assist it. 

Clearing out this old charge allows our body’s systems and organs to rejuvenate, preventing more serious illnesses from later erupting in our lives. There is a cumulative effect that goes on and which eventually leads to debilitating ailments, clogged arteries and worn out organs. If we are paying attention and shifting our thinking, our actions, our speech and our intensions to a positive direction, then we will periodically go through times of physical and emotional cleansing as well. This cleansing is a sign that we are moving forward on the path to ascension! If we are never experiencing physical release, then we are stuffing the lower vibrational charge into the body and this will eventually overwhelm the body’s ability to maintain health. 

Just as incorrect, or negative, thinking eventually creates disease in the physical body, conversely positive, loving and constructive thinking will eventually allow the old charge to release from the related areas and organs of the body. 

When old emotional charge is releasing we will also find ourselves “back” in undesirable thinking or behavioral patterns and negativity. We must understand, here as well, that when the energy is up for release, we temporarily re-experience these lower emotions as we push them out of our energy field. This happens also with the old emotional charge of fear, pain, and other imbalances. This stage of the release process is the final step to release this negative charge from our energy field. But if we don’t understand, we will try to deny these feelings and stuff them back in, preventing the transformation we have so diligently worked to bring about! So, it is important to understand the “cleansing” process and to lovingly allow ourselves to move through it as quickly as possible!! Of course, at these times of final release, the Christa Healing work is of great benefit to assist you to quickly shed these old dense layers. 

Another point worth mentioning is: our bodies are not something separate from us to be chastised and blamed and criticized! Our bodies are extensions of our spirits and deserve love and honoring just as much as our spirits do! When we can appreciate our bodies and all that they do that is “right” for us, we set the stage for greater ease of transformation of our physical vehicles. Our bodies are working their hardest to maintain optimal health in a very polluted and depleted environment. When we constantly judge and criticize our body, and act like it is betraying us when it is releasing, or feel it betrays us by the way it “looks”, we cause a rift within ourselves that further diminishes our ability to transform. At the highest level of our being-ness, we are not our bodies, we are more than our bodies; but they are our vehicle of expression in this life. So it is good to befriend them! 

The best course of action is LOVE. As we all know, love is the highest path for every area of our lives. Loving our bodies can be a challenge, yet it is incredibly freeing once we start to really feel that unity and connection again!! Of course, once we truly love and honor our bodies, our physical body responds by transforming and bringing to us the health and optimal weight and energy that we desire. And, even though we still are pleased with these results, the irony is now it’s not a necessary requirement for us to feel love for ourselves. And it’s because of the very fact, that we are not demanding a particular requirement as a means of being worthy, that it actually occurs! So, to get everything we really desire, we have to be willing to love ourselves NOW, as we are, knowing that true perfection as a spark of God is our ultimate reality, but being willing to love ourselves through the process. 

The wisdom of the body is awesome. It knows how to create what it needs, reproduce cells, eliminate wastes, breakdown food and protect against invasion. When we really think about it, our bodies are awesome and worthy of so much respect. 

We have to learn to honor the “cleansing” process and understand the messages that our body is giving us when “dis-ease” surfaces. With these understandings we can then move effectively past the cleansing and back to a state of balance and health. There is no such thing as an “incurable” illness. There are some physical ailments that the medical profession and scientists have not yet learned how to treat. The body knows. It can deal with anything when it is strong and vital. The body knows how to heal itself. It just needs to have the right environment. 

I believe that we all need to focus more energy on self-love because that is where we are most lacking. I’m not talking about selfishness or self absorption. Loving ourselves doesn’t mean that we don’t notice our flaws or want to evolve them. Loving ourselves means that we gently and kindly acknowledge our weaker areas and lovingly encourage ourselves to transform at whatever pace we are capable! It doesn’t matter how long it takes, as long as we are making progress and we stay focused and committed we will achieve our goal. Our arrival is guaranteed – enlightenment – unity – at-one-ment – is assured us! So, we may as well embrace and enjoy the journey. And the more we can do this, the smoother and easier will be the experiences that lead us to our ascension! 



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