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Success on the Spiritual Path

By on July 18, 2014 in Spiritual Healing

“The Banner of Freedom”

successHow does one define success in its truest form? In worldly terms we have a vast array of ideas of what constitute a successful life ~ fame, acclaim, status, wealth, influence over others, notoriety, popularity, public service …… such are the distinctions that the world values and holds in esteem. 

But what defines success for the spiritual aspirant on the path of soul elevation, enlightenment and re-connecting with God’s Energies? What are the signposts on this path that demonstrate we are truly succeeding in our efforts? How can we be sure that we are on the right path when financial freedom, fame and popularity seem to allude us at every turn? What is the real goal anyways? 

So many of us begin our inner search for deeper meaning because of an emptiness we feel, deep inside, that has nothing to do whatsoever with the outer reality of our lives. We may be bored, tired, or just plain unmotivated to keep playing the game of life, acquiring more and more possessions, status and “stuff” that never seems to fill our inner emptiness. At this point we begin to look for the deeper meaning to life. Why are we here anyway? 

And we begin to understand that it is our inner development, refining our personalities and thought processes, building our moral character and striving to become a better, more balanced person who makes a positive difference in the world, these are the efforts which hold the greatest meaning in life. For as we strive to purify our own being, we elevate, not only ourselves, but also all of mankind in the process. And as we proceed, we are “re-born” and come alive to our true Self, our joyous, abundant Self. 

This world appears to be in a sorry state, at this time, because this is a time of deep cleansing, both within the planet and within humanity as a whole. All the judgments, all the conflict, all the hidden angers and feelings of competition, all the separatist thoughts and practices which serve to divide and break down the flow of loving harmony that should exist between people and societies are coming to the surface for cleansing and release. 

So, as we forge ahead in our journey of enlightenment, it is best if we refrain from judging our journey by the “worldly” signposts. The world’s view of success is really not an indication at all of our progress. The signposts of spiritual success are: Can we stay centered and balanced no matter what is happening in our outer reality? Do we feel a calm certainty, deep within our being, that everything in our lives is moving us forward in a perfect way for our growth and highest good? Are we taking time daily to meditate and receive the Universal Energies directly? Do we see beauty in each moment and day, feeling thankful for the goodness in the people and places around us? Do we wake up excited to experience the new day, with a sense of anticipation and wonder of what adventures will come our way? 

Well, maybe we’re not completely there yet! But, with regular spiritual efforts, we will notice more and more there are days when we just feel GOOD, for no apparent reason. And that is great progress! When we can hold the high vibrations of joy, happiness, peace and forgiveness and carry them with us throughout the day, no matter what events take place around us ~ this is a signpost that we are achieving great success in the spiritual realms! 

Often when we appear to be in the most distressing and dark times in our lives, this is the very time of greatest growth and spiritual elevation because we are facing our hidden fears and demons and we are being given the opportunity to “move them out” of our being and liberate ourselves of them once and for all! 

Sometimes we do need to receive help to effectively move out these lower vibrational energies, so that they no longer act as magnets. But once the energy is effectively cleared and the lessons have been learned, we no longer attract these types of experiences. So we can be assured that whatever is coming to us is necessary for our evolvement. And once it is learned it will be over. Everything changes, except God/Goodness, and that is the greatest assurance we have to get us through the growth process. 

“And this too shall pass” is one of my favorite affirmations in times of dismay. It has sustained me through my darkest times of grief and personal injury and loss. Now I also find it to be a gentle reminder during times of gladness and personal happiness, reminding me to embrace and cherish with gratitude the goodness in my life! 

Just as impurities are burnt out of metal at high temperatures, as we increase our ability to reach and bring in higher and higher dimensional energies, we will go through a process of purification. This means that “lower” thoughts, actions and emotions will surface. It’s best not to get caught in identifying ourselves with our personalities, physical body or our life situation; that just delays our spiritual progress. From a place of compassionate detachment we can just observe “what” is releasing with a liberating attitude of “thank God and good riddance!” 

We spend far too much time trying to define ourselves. We need to remember that as Children of God we are holy, pure and perfect at our deepest level. The rest is just a matter of misunderstandings or mistakes in our perception that have allowed us to feel fragmented and unworthy. The whole cleansing process is about correcting these misperceptions and feeling our alignment deep within once more. The analogy of “peeling away the layers of an onion” is an apt description of this cleansing process. 

And when that inner connection to our own God-Source is strongly established and felt once more, this is the Banner of Freedom that truly defines success. When we are aware, at all levels, of our Divine Link and Nature, then the ways of the world are no longer our defining principle. We are no longer tossed and turned by the events in our outer reality. We have achieved inner stability and a deep confidence that comes from knowing that we have an inexhaustible Source from which to draw upon for all our needs. 

We have a solid connection to a higher reality that is filled with love and bliss and joy and opens us to awesome energies that can propel us through the most uncertain times, emotions and experiences, allowing us to emerge unscathed, calm, peaceful and filled with an inner awareness that all things work together for good when one is viewing events from the eyes of Truth. 

May we all continue to hold onto the promise made to us by the Creator before the beginning of time, that each and every child of God is equal and worthy of all that is of the highest good. All the gifts and abilities of God are ours ….. they are our birthright. We are working diligently to bring these realities to the earth and to mankind. 

Many people on earth at this time are unaware of their spiritual nature and are not even seeking to remember the higher qualities of life. This lifetime may be a time of great awakening for them and that great awakening may come through personal or financial or environmental disasters that serve to “wake” them up to the deeper meaning of existence. This is why it is important that we do not judge the outer reality of the times ahead. It is impossible to accurately perceive why certain people draw in harsh, devastating or even tragic circumstances. 

Those of us with spiritual awareness need to focus our energies, during these cleansing times, not on trying to understand why people are experiencing what they are, or how to prevent it, but rather on offering the energies of love, hope, peace and courage to sustain those who experience harsh “awakenings” in their life’s journey. 

The Banner of Freedom needs to be carried and held firm by many, to assist those who struggle to maintain hope. Freedom is a flame of Truth within the heart and soul that cannot be extinguished or swayed, no matter what the external scene may hold. Freedom is not bound by a physical body, by financial situations or by life circumstances. Freedom is the right of each and every child of the Mother/Father and comes from our connection and bond with the energies of Goodness. As we reach higher and higher into these energies, through our purification and cleansing processes, we become freer and freer and we can wave the Banner of Freedom higher and higher, making it more visible for those brothers and sisters who are weary and tired. This Banner brings the message and energies of hope and ultimate success…… the truest success…….. our empowerment to stand strong and firm in all situations and conditions. This is true success: the ability to remain in alignment at all times with Love, Joy and Peace.


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