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The Benefits of Letting Go of Attachment!

By on July 18, 2014 in Spiritual Healing

let go of attachmentAttachment primarily involves expectation and this brings limitation into our lives. Limitation is a constant source of agitation, which diminishes our vibration. When we are attached we have a vested interest in having people, situations or events unfold in a particular manner or pattern. All pain comes from attachment because when the object, thought, person or emotion that we are attached to fails to live up to the result we desire, disharmony and unhappiness are the result

Attachment binds us to the past and this keeps these old patterns and perceptions alive in our reality and causes them to keep playing out in our outer lives. By keeping us “stuck in the past” attachment robs us of the only moment that truly exists: the “Eternal Now.” This Eternal Now is also the only time when we can truly be God-connected and God-empowered. If we want to be fully alive and have the ability to fully create in the moment, with true and genuine responses that are appropriate to the situation we are facing, we must not be attached to anything…… except God! This is the only attachment to keep; the attachment to the Source of all love, goodness, freedom, harmony, joy, abundance, goodwill ……… 

True forgiveness, which is complete release from the past, is only possible when we have released our attachments. Forgiveness is so elevating because we are no longer weighted down by the negativity of the past, and our energy is no longer stuck in the past. Forgiveness increases our love and compassion and thus our sense of happiness, freedom and well-being. This means forgiveness for both ourselves and for others. 

We can be attached to many people, situations and things, and we can be attached to them at many different levels from many different times and types of associations.Attachment occurs on all levels of being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. There is attachment to specific outcomes, to being treated a particular way or to owning certain possessions. Many of us are very attached to our status and role in society and within our families. 

Attachment to our body image leads to eating disorders, vanity or insecurity and lack of self-love. Attachment to the body also creates many limitations for our spiritual growth. Attachments to material objects decreases our spiritual vibration because they create a rift or barrier between us and our High Self. 

Attachment can also be linked to power, wealth, recognition, lifestyle, ego and personality factors. We can be attached to the glamour’s and illusions of other people. There’s attachment to being understood, to being appreciated, to being accepted, and to being treated “fairly.” Often we have attachment to the image of how we “think” our life should be, what we think we should have accomplished by a particular age, or how we believe our “gifts” should be received. . …. The list goes on and on….. attachment to desires, urges, drives, thoughts, prejudices, pride, racial and national feelings, doctrines, religious practices, dogmas, ideologies, self-interest, and achievements. 

When we are attached to specific results or outcomes in our lives, this eventually leads us to believe that we are a victim of all outer forces and circumstances. Most people in the world, at this time, are thus aligned with victim consciousness and are therefore not in touch with their personal power. 

Attachment also leads to identifying our self with an object/idea or belief and this keeps us dependent and dis-empowered. When we are detached we can calmly observe relationships, situations and events. The ability to remain in a place of balance and to observe without judgment what is going on is incredibly empowering! It also leads to wise choices and actions! As we let go of attachment, we allow the experiences and relationships in our lives to unfold without judgment or attempts to control them. This offers us the greatest opportunity to grow and elevate spiritually. This also enables us to be proactive or empowered~ rather than reactive victims! 

Hatred is a strongly negative form of attachment that creates a lot of disharmony in our lives. Because we unconsciously copy the things we hate, holding onto hatred thus perpetuates this negativity in our lives and world. When we detach, we forgive and by so doing we dissipate the negativity and change it into a loving frequency. To effectively release hatred we must learn to identify with the purity of our core, not with physical reality. 

We often worry that if we are not attached we will be cold and indifferent and not “connected” to the world. Yet the bible advises us to, “Be in the world, but not of it!” We must understand that we can love without attachment!!! Love is free and does not bind in any way! Love does not have requirements or expectations or goals or stipulations, conditions or limitations. Unconditional Love flows from the soul level in a detached free manner that carries a higher vibrational frequency than attachment. It brings peace and serenity that increases our magnetism and radiance. 

Freedom is attained through non-attachment. Non-attachment does not separate, it unities! Our goal is to detach our High Self from the limitations of the physical body, from the glamour of the emotional world and from the illusions of the mental realms. Letting go of attachment is a process that leads to feeling and experiencing our at-one-ment and unity with all of creation. It is so liberating and elevating to realize that we can love, serve, cooperate and grow without attachment! 

As we strive to let go of attachments, it is important to “notice” where we are still attached and then to gently, without judgment work toward releasing those attachments. Every attachment released elevates us, all of those around us, and the planet! So it’s well worth the effort! The Christa Healing work is powerfully effective in assisting to release attachments and stubborn old patterns that you may find resist your attempts to transform



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