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Transformational Times

By on July 18, 2014 in Spiritual Healing

Transformation!The focus of our energies is an important factor to consider at all times. Are we focusing on positive changes, self-empowerment, being responsible for our actions, thoughts and feelings? There are so many victims in this world; victims of time and space, the environment, our interactions with others. Few people want to take responsibility for the events that they draw into their lives. It feels safer and better to “blame” everything we don’t like on our neighbor our partner our boss our children, parents…anyone but ourselves. Of course, blaming ourselves is also not the answer. 

These times are times of great transformation and freedom for those brave souls who are willing to honesty look at their role in all the events of their life!When responsibility is recognized and accepted, great strides are made on the path of enlightenment…..freedom and expansion are direct results. 

One can never grow when they are living in victim consciousness because they have perceived that they have no direct role in the events that are transpiring in their lives! This means that they have no control. It leads to depression indeed, for without responsibility there is no true personal power. Without a sense of responsibility, the events in our life seem to be out of sync with what we most need to experience in order to grow and purify. 

The power to change and to grow and uplift are the primary energies that are flooding the earth plane and mankind at this time. There is so much to elevate and it all starts WITHIN the self. All change must first happen within, then it will expand and embrace the without. This is important to understand, each step you take to free yourself of an old, outmoded pattern, a negative habit, an unhealthy relationship and so on, frees not only you, but all others as well. 

You are not alone and you do not only affect yourself. We are all one and we each affect each other. There is no such thing as “private thoughts/words/actions” we all live in this universe and we all influence each other…either directly or indirectly. Such is the “ripple effect” with water and with human consciousness. 

This is great news for those of you who are diligently striving to clean up your “house” yourself, your thoughts, words and actions, your emotions. For you have so much influence in the world and your efforts are assisting to transform and elevate the entire humanity and earth. 

Right now on earth there seems to be more negativity than ever, more murders, more acts of violence and evil. The weather patterns are reflecting the energetic imbalance with floods, droughts, tornados….. All imbalance is being pushed to the surface for cleansing, clearing and transformation. No one will escape this process, there is no escape because it is the natural order of events. 

What you can escape is the degree of intensity of the process, this is your area of empowerment. Those who refuse to take responsibility and learn from the events in their lives and make the necessary changes, those who choose to make everyone and everything else to blame, will be unfortunate indeed for the lessons will magnify and intensify in their lives until they finally “get it” or decide to leave this plane and continue in their denial elsewhere. For, on the earth denial is not going to be allowed to continue.

The Earth Mother is moving forward in her own evolutionary process and in order to be successful, only those who are in alignment with her intentions will be comfortable living on her surface. There is no judgment involved, it is just a matter of vibration. Just as you are working to cleanse and elevate, so too is the earth involved in a transformational upliftment. You do it together. Every time you take a stride forward and free yourself of an unhealthy relationship or attitude or habit, you assist the Earth in elevating as well. It’s that simple; it’s that profound; it’s that direct. 

There has never been such a powerful inflow of uplifting energies to the planet as there are at this time. The Lord Jesus and his faithful are anchoring and transmitting the energies of change, upliftment and transformation throughout this planet and universe. The call has been going out for some time now to all who “have ears to hear” to clean up their lives, to focus their energy on love, harmony, goodness, brotherhood and goodwill, to forgive and extend a hand to all those who suffer in the grip of separation, greed, and selfishness. 

This call is part of the energies of transformation. The more you put yourself aside and assist others, the more you forget about your petty grievances and strive to bring the light of love and goodness to others…..the faster you will elevate and ascend! Your good works are what make the most difference in your forward progress. This cannot be stressed enough. Every good deed you do for another, every time you forgive someone or yourself for some perceived wrong, every time you refrain from judging and thus condemning someone, you open the door for change to come to you and to the earth. You create the “space” for elevating energies to not only enter but to radiate as well. These beautiful and elevating energies will enter you….. they’ll enter into your mind, your emotions, your physical body. And then they will radiate out of you, touching and blessing your life and that of others and the earth. 

This means that not only will you receive blessings and transformation, but you become a vehicle for transformation and blessings…..you literally bring those expanding energies to humanity and to Mother Earth. So you see, you have a powerful and very important role to play in these transformational times! This is why it is stressed that you keep your mind on the focus of transformation at all times. 

To open to the higher energies you must “make room” which means release the old, lower frequencies you have hidden within yourself. Of course while these old energies are releasing it may not feel uplifting. This is why you must remember and understand the whole process. That way when old fear or anger surfaces you can hold strong and confident and stay separate from the influences of these lower frequency energies. The goal is to move them out without identifying with them…..just understand that they are old, trapped energies that have held you down and that they are releasing.Don’t judge yourself or the emotions, just establish a calm sense of detachment and allow them to release

Find a vehicle that will assist you in their release in a way that is non-harming to yourself and others. Physical exercise can be helpful, time alone in nature may assist, many skilled practitioners are available to help. Just be sure to release in a way that creates no harm to others, yourself or the earth. Keep in your mind’s eye the vision of goodness that lies just past this release; see yourself freed up and expanded, full of more peace, confidence, joy and harmony

Enjoy the journey as it unfolds, for it is leading you Home! Home is a place where you are radiant, balanced and joyous…..Remember that you are loved and accepted completely every step of the way as you transform yourself back to the recognition and experience of your own Divinity and Oneness with the Source of all Love and Goodness.

During these times of tremendous transformational strides forward, be sure to call on Christ, your spiritual guides and all the blessed Beings of Light who are a part of your heritage, your family, your birthright. They are there, waiting for the invitation to assist; as they assist you, they assist themselves as well. Remember, we are all in this together, we all need and benefit from each other. The love that is there for you is beyond description; it is love that transforms, heals, elevates. It is love that is steadily radiating down upon our world and her inhabitants. It is love that is our goal and the vehicle of our ascension. Open your mind, heart and body and RECEIVE. Receive love and radiate love



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