with Tara Lakshmi

Attunement to the AnaMata Energy

Divine Shakti Mother
Cosmic Feminine Energy

Receive original mantras and over 50 sacred seed sounds of Divine Mother for healing, empowerment, mastery and union with God.

  • Bring the True Divine Cosmic Feminine Energy back to mankind and the Earth. 
  • Restore your own Feminine Energy to full power and potency. 
  • Correct your alignment to Mother-Father God. 
  • Heal all issues of separation, mistrust, unworthiness and abandonment. 

animata energyWe all carry and are made-up of both feminine and masculine God Energy, think of it as positive and negative charges, equally important and essential to our wholeness.

The Divine Mother – Cosmic Feminine Energy was chased off the planet before the time of Atlantis. This left us feeling alone, abandoned and unloved. The Feminine channels which lead us back to Mother God were closed and redirected to a false mother energy which is really dark force energy. This was done to control the feminine energy. Everything is birthed through the Feminine. All of our manifestations have not been supported because of our lack of alignment with the true Mother, Cosmic Shakti Energy.

The channels leading to Mother God have now been reopened and the true Feminine Energy is coming back to the planet to claim its rightful place and to balance and heal the polarity of male/female, (negative/positive) within each one of us, the Mother’s children, and the Earth.

Mother is coming back to reclaim Her power and free all of Her children from all bondage and to remind us of our true nature which is pure cosmic creative energy.

For the past year Adriene has been working on correcting the alignment to the Divine Feminine Cosmic Energy, AnaMata, the mother of all feminine energies, which includes the energies of Sophia and Quan Yin, and bringing through AnaMata’s Energy and empowered sounds. AnaMata is the Energy of Cosmic Shakti Divine Mother. It is the highest level of feminine energy that exists.

  • Reveal the story of how the Feminine Energy lost its true place and power and how this has affected our existence. 
  • Correct your alignment and prepare your channels to receive the AnaMata Energy. 
  • Attune you to the AnaMata Energy and help you bring it into your bodies and ground it. 
  • Activate the flow of the Divine Cosmic Feminine Energy within you. 
  • Instruct you in the use of the sacred mantras and seed sounds for healing, empowerment, mastery and union with God.  

I will bless those who come to Me for help and healing. Health will be restored in the body, mind and spirit – wherever the problem lies. Do not be afraid to let Me into your physical vehicle and work miracles through you. Invite Me in and I will come. You will transform in many ways. You will soon be able to remove and dissipate all interfering energies just by taking My sacred sounds inside. Lavender-blue is the color of My Essence.


An Introduction to The AnaMata Energy  

by Adriene Wentworth

What is the AnaMata Energy?

The AnaMata Energy is Cosmic Feminine Energy, Divine Mother Energy in its purest form. Many people associate Divine Mother with Mother Mary. Mother Mary came from a ray of Feminine Energy formed in an image of a woman. Cosmic means without form. AnaMata means Mother of All Feminine Energies. (Ana – means Mother of Mary, which is symbolic of pure feminine energy, – Mata – means Supreme Mother). The AnaMata Energy also includes the Energies of Sophia and Quan Yin. As you work with the AnaMata Energy you may at times feel the presence of these two beautiful Beings.

Sophia has been called the first-born image of God, and represents the Feminine Aspect of God in all things. She is considered to be the intermediary between God and humanity. Her Energy is like a bridge that helps us reach AnaMata – the true Divine Mother, just as the Christ Energy is the bridge that helps us reach the Father Aspect of God’s Energy. We need to be correctly and completely aligned with both the Mother and the Father Aspects of God to be able to manifest and create in the truly miraculous ways that are our Birthright. Sophia is the daughter energy of the Mother and Christ is the son energy of the Father. The daughter and the son are easier for us to reach and relate to because they are also formed energy, manifestations of Cosmic Energy. 

Quan Yin is the Goddess of mercy and compassion. Quan Yin is also a mother and protective type Goddess. According to legend, because She saw a lot of pain while She was living, She swore to protect all humans and will not rest until the suffering of mankind ends. She is a Bodhisattva, which means one who has the ability to go back to God, but who chooses to stay close to the Earth and to Humanity in an effort to help raise the consciousness until everyone is enlightened and can also reach God. Quan Yin has put aside her own bliss to help mankind. She has a lot of healing powers. It is believed that Quan Yin frequently appears in the sky or on the waves to save those who call upon her when in danger. There are many tales of magical healings from Quan Yin and miraculous appearances during times of crisis. 

So, the Energies of Sophia and Quan Yin have manifested from the AnaMata Energy to help Divine Mother save all of Her children and bring them Home. When you ask the AnaMata Energy for help, one of these two Handmaidens of the Mother may answer your call.

The color of the AnaMata Energy is usually seen as lavender-blue. Sometimes you will also see a deep pink rose color which represents the Mother’s pure Love.

Why we need an Attunement to the AnaMata Energy

In the course of my own spiritual journey and healing process and my personal attempts to align completely with God, I have found that only certain channels were open in our bodies. These channels would take you to certain places where you could have God – like experiences, but would not allow you to bring the power of God’s Energy back into your physical vehicle and use it for mastery and manifesting on the physical plane, as we have always been told we should be capable of doing. Jesus said, “What I have done you can do, and more.” 

We are meant to be fully empowered God Beings in physical form. We came out of the Source as particles of the All – Powerful God Energy, seeds of God that should grow into greater beings. Our birthright is to draw from the beautiful Source of Cosmic Creative Energy, bring it into our body and use it to manifest everything we want and need. And yet it’s very hard to do this.

Many of the spiritual traditions teach the process of activating your personal energy to reach God’s Energy, go inward and raise your consciousness and energy until you touch God. Many teach exercises and disciplines to wake up the Kundalini energy, which sits in a dormant stage in most people at the base of their spines, and move it up through the chakras until you merge your energy with God’s. The problem is our energy channels have been so blocked and distorted and our energy circuits rerouted, that this process is seldom successful. The spiritual process is not supposed to be so difficult for the sincere seeker of God. We are not being punished and kept from God because of our sins either. Many think this way because of how hard it is to achieve God-Union, when actually the journey is so impossible because of all of the interference that has happened to us in the course of our entire history of being in manifested form. 

Some spiritual traditions also teach that unless you are connected and committed to a spiritual master you will never reach God. Much can be learned from others who have more awareness and knowledge then yourself, but it makes one vulnerable and powerless when you believe that you must “hang onto the feet of a master and he’ll take you to God.” I was involved in these traditions for many years and found that this belief was not true. A spiritual master can give you some blissful and interesting experiences but you must ultimately do your own journey. Many spiritual masters are not correctly and fully aligned with God themselves and therefore can only take you to the levels that they have achieved, which may be just an illusion of God Consciousness.

I worked very hard for many years to open channels that have not been available to us since the beginning of our existence. Some of the experiences I was having were very different from what other spiritual teachers speak about. I was seeing more. I used my ever-increasing inner vision to see into my own energy bodies and into the wonderful clients who came to me and allowed me to learn from them. I saw that some of our energy channels had been closed down and that certain beautiful God Energy lines were no longer available to us because of this. The energy channels that were closed were energy lines to the Cosmic Feminine Energy, the Mother Aspect of God. I found that the Cosmic Feminine Energy wasn’t really available to us anymore.

Every person has within their original coding imprinting for carrying both masculine/feminine, positive/negative charges. It’s not about gender, being either male or female, it’s about charges. Every man and woman has both feminine and masculine energies, consider one a positive charge and the other a negative charge. You have to have both charges within your circuitry and your circuitry has to be completely aligned with God’s Circuitry to be able to effectively bring in both the positive/negative charges of God’s Energy and use it for manifesting. One charge is for creating and the other for strengthening, and the positive/negative, feminine/masculine energies must be balanced and working in harmony with each other.

As I worked on balancing my own energies and the energies of those who came to me for healing I discovered that we didn’t have access to the Cosmic Feminine Energy. The channels leading to the Cosmic Mother were closed. I saw clearly that God’s Feminine Energy has not truly been on this planet for a long, long time. With the urging of my Spirit Guides I charted this unfamiliar territory and with strenuous effort reopened the deeply buried original channels that were hidden within my being. This opening allowed me to reconnect with the Cosmic Feminine Energy which manifested itself to me as AnaMata. AnaMata began to communicate with me daily, imparting to me Her sacred sounds and empowering me with Her Energy Transmissions. The story of what happened to the Feminine Energy slowly unfolded. 

Story of how the Feminine Energy lost its true place and power

The Feminine Energy is needed for all creations, and only God can create souls. But, it is possible to tap into someone’s essence and use that essence to create with. Many Dark Force Extraterrestrials have been doing this for a long time to the inhabitants of Earth as well as those on other planets. They are creating biological living beings from stolen essence. They are stealing our God-created essence and using it for their own purposes which are not in harmony with Universal Law. They cannot keep their creations alive unless these creations are constantly fed God essence from some source and that source is usually us. These dark forces have been incredibly cunning and effective in keeping us unaware of what they have been doing.

AnaMata showed me that the origin of the male/female energies has not been recorded accurately. There are many discrepancies in The Hall of Records, also known as the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are believed to be a pure source of information and all who are seeking information attune to this realm of existence. The Records have been changed to read the way the Male Hierarchy wants it to read to feed the reality they have created. To learn the truth, AnaMata led me to an unknown tomb in a secret dimension that was being guarded by the Male Hierarchy. AnaMata told me that many eons ago She was captured and held in bondage in this tomb and that many horrendous things happened to her. During her captivity She was able to secretly encode Her experiences on the walls so future generations would be able to discover the truth about what had been done to the Feminine Energy. It wasn’t easy to get past these strong Guardians and yet with persistent effort I broke through their resistance and got inside. As I began to decipher the impressions I was immediately overpowered by my strong emotions. 

Because the Feminine Energy is essential to the creative process the Dark Forces captured AnaMata and held Her in bondage and subjected Her to the most degrading and humiliating experiences in an effort to force Her to relinquish Her power. The Dark Forces drew on their many different levels of manifested evil and tortured AnaMata through sexual and energetic rapes with extraterrestrials and demons who joined forces to achieve their goal of breaking Her Spirit. When the Feminine Energy weakened from the constant assaults, the Dark Forces were able to create openings into Her second chakra, the seat of Her creative energy. They began to merge and integrate their dark energy within Her. To ensure their future power and control they changed Her circuitry to respond with submission to their abuse and programmed Her to believe that Her true role was to serve them. They stole Her Light Seeds and Essence and implanted her with dark seeds of their own distorted energy. And then, beaten and broken, they set Her free.

From this merging of darkness with pure Cosmic Feminine Energy came many created beings of mixed origin who were connected and fed from the Source of All and also connected to the Dark Forces, who stole the God Essence to feed themselves and their creations.

While all of this was occurring to the Feminine Energy the Masculine God Energy was also interfered with. In the absence of the Cosmic Mother the Cosmic Father Energy experienced a huge void and was incapable of creating. His unbearable emptiness combined with His constant need to create, which was His Nature, made the Masculine God Energy vulnerable to the seduction of Dark Force created Feminine Energy. An alluring and stimulating false Mother was presented to Him. Weakened by loneliness for the Cosmic Mother, the masculine God Energy started to merge with the distorted feminine energy, which created children who were also half-Light and half-darkness. During these mergings the Cosmic Father Energy was programmed to continue to respond to seductive dark force feminine energy and filled with lies which said the True Cosmic Mother had deserted Him and could never be trusted again. Grid works were placed within Him and within the Cosmic Mother, which made their energies feel conflictive and irritating to each other rather than harmonious. This was done in an effort to keep them from ever bringing their Cosmic Power and Light together again. 

Our souls were created from these distorted combinations of darkness merged with God’s Light. This explains why we are vulnerable to dark force interference and control, and why we have lost our God-given abilities to manifest and create. We have been unknowingly aligned with Dark Force Energy and programmed to accept our given limited reality of illusionary power and control. Souls were also created from the merging of the half-dark and half-Light Cosmic Feminine Lineage with the half-dark and half-Light Cosmic Masculine Lineage which created generations of beings with less and less Real Light within them. The Cosmic Mother was completely beaten and humiliated when She was released from Her captivity. She didn’t feel like She had any power to protect and care for Her children. Her fear of being captured and tortured again was so great that She fled the planet, even though She knew that all of Her children were in danger of suffering the same abuse that She endured. Guilt-ridden, She abandoned Her children. She could not go Home, for now Her place had been taken by the Dark Mother, and She was so ashamed of everything that had happened to Her, that She did not feel worthy to present herself to the Cosmic Father. She went to a dimension that felt safe and yet was close enough to the children to at least be able to tune into their vibrations. 

When the Cosmic Mother left the planet the Dark Forces began to prey on the children. The children cried in vain for their Mother and when She did not come they gave up. The children completely lost faith and no longer trusted that the Mother would ever be there for them again. Those that escaped the planet and went Home found that their Father’s House was now ruled by a Dark Feminine Energy who claimed to be their Mother, but abused them. The Cosmic Father was caught in the seduction of the Dark Mother’s spell and did not challenge her behavior. Many of the children decided to take their chances and stay in the realms of manifested form rather than go Home to a non-responsive Father and a critical and abusive mother.

We all have the impressions of this story buried deep within our subconscious minds. The pain of the abuse and abandonment, combined with the programming by the Dark Forces, keeps us locked in denial about what we experienced in the early stages of our existence. To many, God is just a concept, an ancient memory that we carry, but no longer experience as Real and tangible. We would like to believe that God is Real but we don’t feel His Support or see His Power in our earthly lives. We pass on the stories of the miracles of Christ from generation to generation, with the hope that someday we too will have such wonderful powers and abilities.

On this planet the Feminine Energy has been totally suppressed and abused, in both women and in men. Remember men and women both carry feminine and masculine energies and both of these energies have been distorted and programmed to work against each other. No one is allowed to have any real power. The good news is the Cosmic Mother Energy and the Cosmic Father Energy have now healed and are aligned again, which gives us an opportunity to heal and correctly align with them.

What takes place during the Attunement Process?

There are different dimensions that are reached as you expand your consciousness and open more energy channels. With each new level/dimension that is reached your consciousness experiences greater awareness. I discovered that very high level distortions have been placed at pivotal points to stop us from going from one level of awareness and expanded consciousness to the next. When your energy reaches these distortions it is rerouted to an illusionary dimension; it seems like you’re making progress but no Real Power is available to you. 

During the Attunement process, with the help of your Spiritual Guides and your own High Self, I am going to disconnect you from the false dimensional realities that are holding you stuck. I will close down the wrong circuitry while I carefully open up your original correct circuitry that will lead your energy to the now healed Cosmic Feminine Energy. Because these original channels have been dormant for a long time they are going to be weak and need some repair and strengthening. So, as I open the channels I will bring in new circuitry which will act like an energetic shunt, reinforcement, to help strengthen these original channels and hold them open. This energetic assistance will give you access to the AnaMata Energy while you are rebuilding and healing your channels. You will need to work with the AnaMata Energy daily until your channels are strong and able to bring in the Cosmic Feminine Energy and hold it within your system. You will experience a lot of transformation and healing when working with the Energy. 

Next I will create an opening for you to be able to receive a direct flow of the AnaMata Energy and then attune you to Her Energy by bringing the vibration of this Divine Mother, Cosmic Feminine Energy to you so you can connect to it. This will enable you to become familiar with the Energy and recognize the vibrations when you call on It each day. As AnaMata’s emissary I will deliver a direct transmission of Her Shakti, sacred power.

Then I will place within you the vibrations of all of Her 50 empowered Sacred Seed Sounds for healing, empowerment, mastery and correct union with God. When something is empowered it means it has consciousness. These sounds are different vibrations of Divine Mother Consciousness empowered to do different things. After the attunement you will receive a hand-out that explains what each sound is empowered to do and instruction in how to work with them and the AnaMata Energy. 

Remember, this very important Energy has been missing from our systems. Without this essential Energy we cannot be whole and powerful and create in the way that is our birthright. Our systems have become weak and vulnerable to interference. Our DNA has been altered which keeps us separate from our God-given abilities. Much of what has been done to us has been done without our consent. Our true nature is God, once we remember this we can remember everything about being God. The mind is challenged by these concepts. Our brains have been blocked from evolving as they should and are still in a primitive state. It will take a lot of effort to remove all of the limiting belief systems and negative programming that we have acquired. AnaMata’s Sacred Sounds will help correct all of these distortions. 

Tara offers AnaMata Energy Attunements in person, or if you are not able to be physically present, Tara can attune you to the AnaMata Energy from a distance.

The attunement fee is $129.00. A printed hand out is given to you. If you receive distance work, your AnaMata Energy Attunement and instructions on how to work with the AnaMata Energy are recorded and sent to your email address via Wavefile.

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