with Tara Lakshmi

DNA Healing

with Tara Lakshmi Kale

DNA HealingWith this healing you will receive healing frequencies that specifically work to correct and heal at the DNA level. All healing work is intended to work into the DNA levels of our being, slowly creating positive changes. There is a key code within that keeps our DNA locked into old programs and imprints and holds our souls in pain and suffering and amnesia like states. There is also a very sinister device that reads all of the positive charge that you place into your system; high frequency energies, prayers, mantras, positive thoughts, and creates exact opposite negative charges and distributes them back through your system. 

Your energy system is constantly being bombarded with conflicting energy frequencies that counteract all of your hard work and progress. With the help of sounds that are specific to the individual, and the new healing frequencies, the locked in coding and the dark force holds and frequencies are released, allowing the DNA to receive new information and heal. After all of the interferences are released, another healing frequency is used to correct, connect gaps, and activate and rebuild the DNA . You are attuned to this frequency and given the sacred sound that will grant you access to the frequency so you can continue to rebuild and heal yourself at the DNA level. 

So many of you have been exploring many different types of healing work, diligently working at your healing process. Much of the wonderful work that you’ve done is sitting in your energy system, unable to penetrate this most important level. Unlocking and rebuilding your DNA is vital for bringing all healing into the physical body. The body feels free after this work, and much old pain and many old patterns that were still being held at the DNA level are released. It’s time for us to manifest on this planet. To manifest one must have a healthy physical vehicle that can resonate to the continually increasing frequencies and shifts that we are creating in our energy bodies. 

Your DNA healing session will be recorded on a wavefile and emailed to you the same day. 

The fee is $85.00 

You can contact Tara at:  Tara@spiritualenergyhealing.com

CALL 928-273-6166

Or send payment to:

Tara L. Kale
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