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Empowered Living

By on July 18, 2014 in Spiritual Healing

Freedom from Victim Consciousness

empowered livingMass consciousness around the earth still holds, primarily, the vibration and consciousness of victimization. Today, more than ever before we are watching this belief system play out and reap havoc in our world. We witness this with terrorist attacks, with snipers who randomly kill people going about their daily lives and with the increased incidents of violence erupting all around us in the world. Indeed, this extreme imbalance cannot help but trigger alarm, fear, anger and feelings of injustice within us. President Bush appears ready to declare war, leading to yet another dark road of grief and pain and loss. The stock market and job situations are unstable and inadequate. 

Those of us with spiritual understanding are being challenged more than ever before to hold our balance, to hold our peace, to hold our truth, and to keep our hearts open and flowing with love. For we know that this is a universe of “like attracts like” and in order to maintain our own safety, as well as assist the Universal God Energies that are entering the planet, we must anchor these higher frequencies within our being and then vibrate them out to others. We are the conduits that hold God’s Energy onto the planet. We need to remember that we are here with purpose to assist God in heralding in dramatic changes. We volunteered to come and help because we are strong and capable spiritually. Our vibrations of peace, love and hope are needed to inspire other light-workers to stay and assist God with these changes. A lot of Energy will be needed to break up the old destructive, inharmonious patterns. Once they are shifted, elevated and loving systems will be created. 

We all have held dreams and hopes that our ascension to the next dimensions will be a beautiful, smooth and flowing experience. Yet, it is becoming apparent that this will not be the case for Mother Earth and many of her inhabitants. This is not because God wills destruction and pain, but rather because of the lower state of consciousness of the majority of humanity who populate Mother Earth. We must remember this and hold onto our deep knowing that despite how dark the outer world may appear to become, the light of a new and elevated age will be the end result of this transition. As the saying goes, “The darkest hour is just before dawn.” 

Those who vibrate fear will draw to them fearful situations. Those who hold hate and rage will attract violence. Those who hold, often in denied states, feelings of victimization and powerlessness will draw aggression and tyrants. It is a reminder to us all to continually be “looking” within for unhealed energies and aspects of ourselves that need to be transformed. Empowered living involves staying committed to and diligent with our clearing process at this time. Remember to pay attention and witness your own process, yet do this without judgment. Loving acceptance and compassion toward yourself and your clearing process will greatly accelerate your upliftment. 

Our ultimate goal is God Realization, at-one-ment with the Source. To be one with Absolute Reality means we have mastered all areas of our being. We must be the master of our emotions, our thoughts, our speech, our body and its functions. We must master our personality and our desire nature. It’s a tall order! Unlike those still caught in victim consciousness, we have learned to utilize the experiences and the situations that come into our life as a “mirror” to help uncover hidden, repressed or denied areas within that need healing and transformation. We have learned to work with our dreams and other levels of consciousness to further our elevation. We practice meditation faithfully, connecting in with the Source and expanding our upper channel’s capacity to reach and hold higher energies. The more we grow and shift our consciousness to higher levels of clarity, the greater is our realization of still how much more is possible! Expansion is exhilarating. With this attitude we understand that every setback, disappointment and block is an opportunity in disguise. We know that we truly are getting close to the goal when we can stay in harmony and balance within despite whatever is going on in our outer reality! 

Many beautiful, high vibrational God Energies are entering the earth plane and our energy fields at this time. This is part of the effort of Spirit to raise, not only the consciousness of mankind, but the frequency of Mother Earth as well. Whenever a higher energy comes in, it will stir up any lower vibrations that are being held within. This is happening within the Earth and this is happening within our own beings as well. Much of this process is playing out in very distorted and unsettling ways with those who are unawakened to their spiritual nature. They don’t know how to cope with all the disruptive and unsettling emotions and impulses they feel. They don’t understand how to effectively release these frequencies in ways that are non-harmful to others. The natural spiritual process involves the “lower” tendencies being pushed up in the energy field and then released and dissipated. This process is not working effectively because of all the outside negativity, which is attracted to a similar vibration and then attaches on and blocks it from releasing. When people push up old fear or trauma and try to release it, often other lower frequencies add on and intensify these fears. 

To experience empowerment in our lives we must first disconnect from the victim consciousness and realize that everything we draw to ourselves comes to teach us something. We must diligently remain focused spiritually; we must “be in this world, but not of it.” Healing and protection are two of the most important aspects of our spiritual process to pay attention to now. God will always protect those who call upon Him/Her: this is an absolute reality that will never change. However, God Energy is a very high frequency and the earth plane frequency is a lot lower at this time. This means that when we become troubled or caught up in lower vibrational tendencies and call for God’s White Light or Energy, although it appears instantly, It will often dissipate quite quickly. To have constant protection can take a lot of effort on our part. Of course, when we are feeling loving and joyous and confident we are already bathed in God’s vibration. Yet, despite all our great efforts, we all slip into feelings of hopelessness, despair or anger at all the pain we see and feel around us; after all, we are all so sensitive. Also, if we want to grow and elevate our own frequency, we must allow ourselves to move past our comfort level and experience times of challenge and disharmony. For those who are sincerely on the spiritual path, the times of uneasiness are great markers that we are facing our subconscious blocks and making progress! 

During your healing process, pay close attention to power issues. Look at who is taking your power and release those old ties. Also look closely at the times when you abused your power. Those old impressions also need to be released; otherwise fear or guilt will hold you back from allowing your full potential to be achieved. 

So, allowing unharmonious old charge to release from within and yet staying in a higher state are our main goals. We must not deny our feelings of discouragement or pain, when they arise. Yet we must diligently work to release and shift them, rather than getting caught up in them. Knowledge brings power and empowerment brings protection. We need to understand that there is a “weeding” out process occurring. Those who cannot flow with the higher energies and changes that are coming to the earth will choose to leave this plane and continue their process in another dimension that is supportive of their level of growth. People will be leaving the planet in many unsettling ways. We need to not judge how they chose [at some level] to depart. We need to remember that, in spirit, we can assist them to cross over safely to the Light and continue their spiritual journey. If we can remember this we will not get overwhelmed with grief and despair; we will find the peace to stay balanced within and to assist our brothers and sisters. The spiritual path involves flowing with God’s Energies of upliftment that are entering the planet at higher and higher frequencies. To do this we must be persistent and push ourselves to make the changes in our lives, thinking and personality that will move us forward toward greater evolvement and balance. 

God is with us, each step of the way. Remember to call often on God for assistance. Call also to the legions of beings of light, angels, ancient masters and guides who are available in spirit and are eager to assist you. We are all one. We are all in this together. Be open and willing to receive. God is Love and empowerment and this is His Gift to his children. Accept that beauty into your life each moment, and trust the future to unfold harmoniously. 



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